I'm Your Sunshine

Everything in Life

Love isn’t Blind

on July 24, 2014


Actually, every people in this world
Always say the same thing about love
When he or she
Falling in love
This words can be magical word for everyone
Love is Blind
When people
Girl, boy, women, men, old, young, or maybe a child
Falling in love
That’s the world is only you and me
Just ours
Ooo God
Sometimes, that’s funny
But it can be offend
Well, i think
Love isn’t blind
Yes! You still see everything clearly
Although you or me
Falling in love
You know he was handsome or beast
You know she was pretty or ugly
Hahaa,,, that’s the fact
Don’t be naif
We’re know
Already know
We met someone and can’t be objective
We always say like this
She/he good looking, handsome
Cool, georgeous, beautyful or another thing
About physical
Love isn’t blind
We always know
Right and wrong
But we pretend
Like stupid people
It’s the point
Love is not Blind
But can make you blind
So you can’t thinking clearly


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