I'm Your Sunshine

Everything in Life

Longing ( “Rindu” #englishversion)

on November 29, 2014

When the wound wrapped up, no need for pain
but could be due to a sense of Longing …..

It rained soaked earth.
This heart is not cool like the rain soaked earth.
My heart simply can not pretend.
Behavior, too, are becoming increasingly unstoppable.
He should have known, that this longing buoyant.
Absolutely can not wait time.
When it was revealed unrequited meaning.
When buried, leaving only sorrow.
This desperation is too too far.
Never in tune with your logic.
Our desire as incompatible.
Confined time.
Biased by winding distance.
It’s a sense of longing.
Not familiar with tolerance as well as time.
Uncontrollable by emotion.
I just can wriggle in the heart.
Not lip synch spoken meaning.
Go back while there is time.
Strive braved the storm impossibility.
Tie a certainty.
Expect ……
For this longing not be dust.


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