I'm Your Sunshine

Everything in Life


on May 19, 2015

The world is a stage
The story is easy to change
Ending story of human life beautiful
Only in the movie that lasted 2 hours
Life teaches us to always survive on our own feet, not the feet of other people or other creatures clinging to the arm
Happiness, smiles, laughter, sorrow, pain, disappointment, tears …
All the while
There was never a lasting
When human beings, all human beings … yes all just live with bogus
Yes ,,, almost all of human life to the full pretenses – the pretense
Farce …. expertise play a role …
Either antagonist or protagonist
When lips utter not all we have to accept
Doubt should always be the number forefront
Not prejudice or negative thinking
But it is only one – the only way to fortify ourselves from falsehood invisible
Silence does not mean do not care
Silence does not mean do not understand
Silence does not mean no feelings
When silence is just one of the strongest arguments when the heart is too deterrent to guess
Yes … a form other plays in the life
When hope can hardly relieved by the sense that neglected
As quickly as a wink to drip tears
All just anchored in the waiting end
Who lived just us and our God.



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