I'm Your Sunshine

Everything in Life


on May 19, 2015

I do not believe
Until now the human sense I still can not accept
Everything I have to face
It’s too draining tears
Blinding mind, empty void
Many who skipped should I take for granted with an unimaginable end
There was never a reason which is in line with the logic
Difficult to accept, difficult sincere and give up the path of life that somehow directed where
Could never hate when should hate is the best way to be able to step away
Which has become difficult to release the harbor last hope
It feels unrequited
I have to waste time, which leaves only regret
Errors themselves that really can not be forgiven
Is that easy as I am to you ?
Whether that great strong winds are blowing there ?
Seen it beautiful fall flowers fall in front of the eyes ?
Is that comfortable as a whisper that leads to destruction ?
If the essence of liver problems, heart temporarily blinded lust
Yes … someday
We will realize that you are approaching the sorrow which makes worse the deeper
Where lust is stronger than death
Happy this is only temporary, it’s just something comfortable mortal
Feeling appreciated it is the biggest insult in life
Not this time tomorrow or the day after, but someday
We’re going to wake up from a dream and was forced to face the harsh reality
Not me but you
Everyone said I should go … wandering looking for a happiness in the wilderness
Hearts can not lie
Hate the word only when the taste remains the same
Yes … I looked wandering, but my heart is still in the same place with the same feelings for the same person
Who knows how long it will continue to survive
I hold out as hard as I could
I will always survive here until God says enough
You were either there where and with whom
No need to know the struggle sore that I passed
Running under the rain with tears
Fake laughter wrapped wound
I’m just going to hold out until my time
Receive answers to all my prayers
Prayer along with the tears
About us that may be tested time
About us who never stopped blaming ourselves
Especially about you that someday will definitely go back when it is no longer the same feeling
I chose to keep my own feelings because you threw him away
Although there was no perfection myself in your eyes
Only the self-esteem that I can save alone
Will no longer exist that could play this heart
This is no longer about you are always saying good
But about me
That felt enough
Artificiality in imperfection
Betrayal with ease
Which now will only follow your life game
You’ll never know because you never know.
The biggest mistake in life
When I regret continuously.
When regret has been stopped time
You remorse began and you will take it until death



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