I'm Your Sunshine

Everything in Life

Hard to Explain

on May 21, 2015

Who knows the feeling of this
Only God …
I never quite adept to explain
Sometimes I do not care when people say that I am very stupid
Still love him who loved others
Expect him back who never intend to come back to me
Every day feels heavier
Not getting lighter
Endless regret
Regret not because they can not stop loving
But because of the way I love him fault
Why do I still hope after the betrayal that he did?
Is this really a sincerity
Which he considered a folly
Or just a sense of not wanting to lose
This time, the right moment like this
Who knows how long, will always be the toughest day
Will never be forgotten
Although this heart and you ripped to shreds no trace
Why hate that never last long?
God knows that I still love, cherish and expect
All the words were spoken of him as the fact that the opposite
Instead he despised
Rather he is unfit for me
But I feel contemptible and unworthy of him
He truly unattainable
I feel like a failure
Failed to make him fall in love again
Failed to make him happy
And now he leaves a wound that will never be erased by time
Whether the feeling of what this
I still want to wait for him to come back in my arms
In front of everyone I’m good at lying and pretending
Only God, yes … only to God I can not lie
Up whenever I could never understand
How could he just dumped me
Choose another and leave me
And he still can say
“I love you”
Make me hurt and regret getting in….



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