I'm Your Sunshine

Everything in Life


on May 22, 2015

One day these feelings may be lost
Hard to be the bad girl heartless
Want to go to disappear
But could not
If we are born with a good heart
Forever will always be so
Do not know why
Can not stop thinking about him
Happier without me there
Some day
Yes … one day
I wish there was another figure I found
To delete all about people
That is in my past
Happy without any reason
Some day
I will disappear from your life
Not my will but that time
We live without regard to each other
Some day
He would never find his way back to me
Despite the strong desire
One day … I have been out of reach
I waited a day
When I do not say that I will disappear
But I had disappeared and could not be found
Without adieu, and without a word of apology ….
One day ….



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