I'm Your Sunshine

Everything in Life

My Prayer

on September 21, 2015

My prayer today…
Thank the good Jesus.
You allow me to feel (again) the pain of disappointment in the world.
Thank you because I am allowed to experience (again) pangs of betrayal.
Thank Jesus, because I dumped, abandoned, cheated, lied to and deceived.
From that I know about the most important thing in life, even corpulent thing in the world.
Thank you, You grant my every request.
You reject any request for me and thee delay my every expectation and desire.
Thank you, because You answer when I ask people who are so separated from my loved if he is not good for me.
Thank you, You educate me through the pain that I experienced.
Thank you, You prove to me, that I am full of love, and be loved sincerely although I’ve hurt so many.
Thank you, because now I know. Things which one should I choose, which one should I preserve, where should I stand for and where should I disconnect, leave and forget.
One thing that You teach in my life.
There was no love in this world, there is no love in this world greater than the love of thy Jesus. I accept with all my defects and shortcomings.
Hugged and hugged me tightly, more tightly despite knowing that no matter how bad my temper.
You are always faithful never turned away even though many of my shortcomings.

You Jesus one – the only one that never two-timing me.
I am weak, ignorant, poor, and insignificant in the presence of humans.
I am grateful to have You by my side, in front of me, behind and inside me.
Thank you, Jesus, You give life a chance many times to me.
Lead continues to step foot is Jesus. Take me to my final resting quiet.
Where peace does exist.
Make me the salt and light for my house.
Lift all the burden and revenge are also sick of life and body and heart.
Jesus touched my heart, to keep forgiving. Also forgive myself.
Thank Jesus, You hear all my prayers.
You measure every drop of tears.
I thank Jesus.
Because of the love and grace alone, I can still live well according to Your will

Jesus, forgive those who have hurt me, because they do not know what they are doing.
Perhaps in their view of what they do is the best.
Forgive me Jesus also, because often times forget the greatness of your power. Let the pain overwhelm.
Eliminate all feeling disappointed Jesus, so as not to grow into resentment and become a root of bitterness in my life.
Let all made me better and stronger. And prove to the world that You created me to be the best.
Thank you Jesus, you gave me a new sense of true love.
Jesus, teach me to be grateful every time.




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