I'm Your Sunshine

Everything in Life


on October 6, 2015

I wanted to disappear, do not know how. Yes, I have absolutely no idea.
I want a new life, new environment and ….
The new identity.
If there is a course to help me disappear without hurting the people around me who love me all my life. I am willing.
Humans have the ability to make himself forget memories, especially for things that make him hurt or he can not receive. Ah, I do not know what medical terms. Until now, I am still confused. Why I can not do it. Supposedly it is the best thing that happened. Deleting past events that we do not want from our memory ..
Whether it’s a day we remember back or we forget forever … I want to forget the day I was born. I am not ungrateful. But one thing I was thankful for parents who are always on the side of me, especially my mother. I just want to forget the date when I was born. I hate that date without any reason. If fate gave me a new identity. I will never even remember the date. 26th December. Starting today I will forget my birthday. Ahh … no. Actually I have been inclined to forget for a long time. I think, it could happen. Partial memory loss. I intend to remove most of my memory. Because something happens, because we want to. That’s what I would do … I’m sure it would be fun .. lose some memory.


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