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I Like Beach; I’m Not Bitch 

on August 23, 2016

​Yes .. I really liked the beach … but that does not mean I’m a bitch … slut … or something like that… hahaa … 😄

What do you like about the beach?

White sand?


The water?

Coral reef?

The sky?

Try to imagine how much that can go to your favorite list when standing on the beach.
I love the beach. Very fond of it. When all of it into one I liked. It is the harmony of nature. The wind is blowing as tells about understanding of what we bring to it.

Some people may not like the heat of the sun there, but for me it was so warm corner blazing heart that has long been frozen.
I almost melted made.
Then what is the relationship and the correlation between the beach and the bitch? Aahh actually nothing too important .. just a matter of how we spell it.
But the beach really never seize the slightest happiness.


Beach … could even bring our grief even though we just write our hearts content in the sand.
But not with the bitch. Need not be disclosed … he grabbed everything … but not take away our hope. Maybe this time it wins … whereas … the beach destroyed by the waves. Slammed into the hot white sand and then dragged her into the deepest ocean … so…

That’s why I love the beach but I am not a bitch and do not like bitch … lol 😃

What about you? 


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