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There are many things we want to do. For sure there are a lot of thing we want too. In the end of the year, actually on December we have a habit to make some resolution. What we want to do and what we have to do on the next year. Yeah, we called it resolution. So, the question is…

What your resolution for 2018?

Do you have a plan to make a long trip, going merried, study aboard, buy a car, a house, a horse? Hahaha

Yayaya.. i trust all of we have a lot f resolution in our happy life.
First of thing is we have to ask ourself.
Have we make resolution to our better personality?

How about you, your friends, your family, or maybe somone who sit beside or behind you?

How important our resolution?

I guess, not really important as we think.

The most important thing is how we enjoy all of the process in our life.

Every little thing that we reach thats the point about we have reach our resolution.

It’s not about our resolution but it’s all about how you make everything we want to be come true.

That’s the point, the process.

So, let’s be better for the our new life.