Pretending to be Happy

Everything is mess
Maybe you are the one and only
Who never know what is happy
How to laugh even smile
Are you feel useless
In the bottom of your sociality
Yeah.. seriously!!
Nevermind the one way pretending to be happy
Forget about your past
Forget about your future
Just life for today
Forget about surrounding in your life
Forget about everything
Just to be happy
Is that difficult or easy?
Depend on you
this life is too short for the sadness
Just pretending to be happy!


7 thoughts on “Pretending to be Happy

    • Thanks for comment 😊
      Yes, not easy but we always can do it, if we can’t God always can. Just like He said about future ” Karena masa depan sungguh ada dan harapanmu tidak akan hilang” and “Sebab itu janganlah kamu kuatir akan hari besok, karena hari besok mempunyai kesusahannya sendiri. Kesusahan sehari cukuplah untuk sehari. About our past. Don’t forget it but accept it. Our past can be best teacher. We’ll remember it in our life but we don’t need leave in it.
      I hope I give good explanation for you. Don’t forget to be happy. 😊


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