Stop to ask WHEN?

Today, I read a conversation from my social media. It’s about human who always ask to God when and when about the end of big problem they have.
It’s common. When we are in bad situation and need to solve our problem, we are in desperate condition.
We always asking to God when it will end.
We always forget about our faith.
Forget when we start to believe, put our believe in God works. We lose our control.
The problem controled our life.
We only can asked when and when to God.
We ask to our friends even ourself when we can get good life and condition.
But we stop to believe. We’re forget.
God wait for us to stop askes when.
He wait us to asked and said.
What we can do for Him and we put our life in His hand.
Father can do everything, because nothing impossible for Him.

He only wait for us to say ..

“Father, in your hand I give my heart and my life. I believe your time always right, never too late and too fast. I stop to complain and asked when. But ask to You, What I have to do for You?”


I don’t have many things to write .
How about it?
Everyone can said they are good and great person.
But can we find one person?
Yes. Just one person.
Who can be a loyal… sworn…
No one can.
It’s difficult thing.