Too Much Talking

The most important thing in life is when we can keep silent and try to understand about other before we think to make an argument to fight with them. We feel more powerful and proud when we can talking much more alphabet then them. I don’t know it is good or bad but everyone have […]

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Sometimes I was forgotten I can’t like you more than before It’s to dangerous and hurt both of us Can we stopped it and walking on different path? Please don’t make me fallin again and again Hahaaa It’s just random thought and don’t be serious It’s to interesting to write like this Enjoy our life […]

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New Year

Wow it’s amazing!!!! This is a new day in a new year Happily ever after in 2019 for who you read this Hope the best and full of bless for your 2019 Don’t be afraid in worst situation We have Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit with us.. Amen!

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When you crying but they are laughing Remember… they are not for you When you in bad situation But they try build they own happiness Remember… they are not your soulmate Even they are so far away and do not know what happen with your life Remember your heart always have connection with right person […]

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Sometimes we don’t need knowing every thing arround us. Yes.. sometimes it will better for us. We only need wait and see. Try to understand and figure out with our mind. No need to tell any one. We just talk with ourself. Just walking forward. Not because we don’t care. But we need to figure […]

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Stop to ask WHEN?

Today, I read a conversation from my social media. It’s about human who always ask to God when and when about the end of big problem they have. It’s common. When we are in bad situation and need to solve our problem, we are in desperate condition. We always asking to God when it will […]

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I don’t have many things to write . How about it? Everyone can said they are good and great person. But can we find one person? Yes. Just one person. Who can be a loyal… sworn… No one can. It’s difficult thing.

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