Too Much Talking

The most important thing in life is when we can keep silent and try to understand about other before we think to make an argument to fight with them. We feel more powerful and proud when we can talking much more alphabet then them. I don’t know it is good or bad but everyone have […]

Mind Trick

Hello world, When you get some reason to be happy that’s good But if you can’t found any reason you can deceive yourself Let’s call it mind trick When you get some trouble and get stressed talk with yourself, “it’s amazing” “something better will come” “my life is great” “I’m always happy” It can make […]

Yes I Am or Was??

Hi.. Hello..!!! It’s wonderful sky for tonight, ya.. I guess Nice to know about all of you.. And this is the best experience to write some thing here… about me about my past… my experience … about bla.. bla.. bla… First thing, Let me introduce myself .. With pleasure…. here I am and I was… […]