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For Someone Who Loved My Curly Hair

Dear Someone there,

Thanks for loving my curly hair. Maybe it’s too late to say thank you. I’m full of gratefulness when God decided us to know each other. I love my curly hair deeper than before when I know someone like you. I believe in fate and everything happen not by coincidence. Everything happen for a reason. And you are the reason make me happier more and more.

Sorry for my mistake and my attitude then make you uncomfortable.

I miss someone who loved my curly hair. This is amazing grace for me because it can make you smile and happy when you looking my hair. I always remember the way you smile and the way you look at me. Although that’s only from far, from video call and picture… I was imagine how you react if we can meet in a real life. You really make me happy and I’m not realizing this before. I’m start falling in love with you minute by minute, day by day….

This is my curly hair make me happy cause it can make you smile and smile and smile… I hope my curly hair always make you falling in love with me day by day.

I really want you always remember about me, about my curly hair, about me and our conversation of course about my curly hair… 😀

I miss the moment when you chat me and can’t be patient waiting my reply. I feel the same wih you. But I guess I’m little unlucky because you are gone. I’m sad but it help me to realize my true feeling for you and about us.

I want to say Thank You.

Again and again… thank you for love my curly hair. Thank you for like me for what I am. Even though you stay away from me day by day… I always grateful know about you.

Yes you are perfect and great person. But I don’t really care about that. I don’t care about your past, about your job, about this and that… for me what are you feeling for me that’s more than important than everything you have.

I don’t know what do you want or what are you looking for before you found me.

Even thought you just want for fun, that doesn’t matter… because my feelings for you is sincere. I’m just hoping you can feel the same.

Really thanks for my curly hair because you like it for the first sight.

Hope the best for you… and I’m sure you always there and never leave me…

And I’m not okay when you are gone and never say hello to me even ignored my message..

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

~John Lennon~

Always Proud of you.

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Secret Soulmate 1/3

To you who knows who and where
Thank you for so long waiting for me

Who are you?

I never knew you, never for one moment
I see the outline of your face
Who the hell is so mysterious?
How great figure, making always blushing just thinking, he made me almost forget the pain of a broken feel many times heumm … Now I can laugh sore that has passed this exceptional, who on earth you will come when I have been prepared
It seems that you have prepared everything, seems clear that you are so close to the Lord thy…
Yeah .. . right … because you know when to come get me…
Strong sturdy become my home later …
Oh my God … let alone thinking this .. so silly … until I smiled to myself
Perhaps this is called faith and hope .. . He will come in accordance with the provisions of thy God
I was just being prepared to fall in love really fall when first gazing into his eyes and saw a figure apparently.
Then forget the pain of being betrayed …
And I still say…

Who are you…?

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“Saat suatu hubungan berakhir, bukan berarti 2 orang berhenti saling mencintai. Mereka hanya berhenti saling menyakiti.”

– R.A. Kartini

Jika ya, mengapa setiap akhir selalu bersahabat dengan air mata..
Seharusnya kita sadar bahwa segala sesuatu yang berakhir dengan buruk sesungguhnya belum berakhir. Tuhan menciptakan segala sesuatu untuk kebaikan manusia. Kebahagiaan cerita hidup insan kesayangan-Nya.
Sama seperti 2 insan yang mencinta dan dipisahkan… semua ada dalam buku kehidupan-Nya.
Sama seperti saya yang harus merelakan sesuatu… karena waktu memberi saya kesadaran baru bahwa, bahagia nya melebihin apa pun.
Kamu tahu, sebesar apa sulit melepas sesuatu yang begitu kamu cintai??
Cobalah untuk membakar air yang mengalir… tak mungkin
Tapi,, apakah akan kamu biarkan tubuhmu terus menggigil kedinginan karena tak ada api yang menghangatkan…
Kamu ….
Aku tahu… begitu sakit bertahan…
Dan saya masih menggenggammu di sudut hati…
Dan memilih membiarkanmu melangkah pergi…
Agar tak tersakiti lagi…
Mungkin suatu saat akan datang sebuah kemungkinan…
Ketika kita memulai kembali suatu hal baru yang tanpa akhir
Tanpa saling menyakiti….
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hmm … looks like I prefer to fall in love at any time in the same person ,
I do not care, I remembered or not ,
although thousands of people shouting that I ” dumb ” in my ear
The only way that I know .. I have been able to survive …
because the greatest thing I can do , which is not for all human
Love who has been hurt and go
without hurting and breaking the flow of another life … or happiness of another woman
Stupid ? Yes … I was stupid … but ,
by being stupid I’m happy ..

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