When you crying but they are laughing Remember… they are not for you When you in bad situation But they try build they own happiness Remember… they are not your soulmate Even they are so far away and do not know what happen with your life Remember your heart always have connection with right person […]

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Secret Soulmate 1/3

To you who knows who and where Thank you for so long waiting for me Who are you? I never knew you, never for one moment I see the outline of your face Who the hell is so mysterious? How great figure, making always blushing just thinking, he made me almost forget the pain of […]

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Aku bahagia… tertawa… bercanda aku punya mereka, sahabat yang entah datang dari mana… mata dengan tatapan memikat menghapus sejenak ingatan pikat tentangmu telinga yang selalu disendengkan bibir yang mengguratkan senyum yang mampu menggetarkan tangan yang tampak lemah namun kuat bahu yang mungkin kecil tapi disana tempatku bersandar sekarang kaki yang selalu siap menemani langkah gontay […]

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hmm … looks like I prefer to fall in love at any time in the same person , I do not care, I remembered or not , although thousands of people shouting that I ” dumb ” in my ear The only way that I know .. I have been able to survive … because […]

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“If he really loves, he will not let any reason make it go away leave to be with another woman. Because essentially not about heart problems, a sense of comfort and appreciation. If true affection, he will be faithful.” -unknown-

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