I'm Your Sunshine

Everything in Life

hmm … looks like I prefer to fall in love at any time in the same person ,
I do not care, I remembered or not ,
although thousands of people shouting that I ” dumb ” in my ear
The only way that I know .. I have been able to survive …
because the greatest thing I can do , which is not for all human
Love who has been hurt and go
without hurting and breaking the flow of another life … or happiness of another woman
Stupid ? Yes … I was stupid … but ,
by being stupid I’m happy ..

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Karma is like a shadow… it always follow your step …
Maybe it will disappear when light comes…
But it will come to you when the dark comes too
Because we live between the light and the dark side.
We never live in the dark forever… and in the light forever..
Like a day and night..
Always comes until you die…


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