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Everything in Life

Pretending to be Happy

Everything is mess
Maybe you are the one and only
Who never know what is happy
How to laugh even smile
Are you feel useless
In the bottom of your sociality
Yeah.. seriously!!
Nevermind the one way pretending to be happy
Forget about your past
Forget about your future
Just life for today
Forget about surrounding in your life
Forget about everything
Just to be happy
Is that difficult or easy?
Depend on you
this life is too short for the sadness
Just pretending to be happy!

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Philosophy of Spruce Tree

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Holla… 😀

Do you know spruce trees?

Maybe sometimes we called it pine or fir tree.
For me it have the same thing.

It’s a Christmas tree.. yaa… commonly
I love Christmas because I can see the beautiful Christmas tree..that’s spruce tree.

We can see these trees in every season

It exist in summer and also in winter…
and the special thing is.

They always green

Can we be like this tree?

Struggle in every season in our life.
in a cold, hot, winter, storm, intenseness, overflow..

Still beautiful in every condition.

When we in under pressure
Broken heart
Feel useless
Lose everything in our life

Can we stay still stand on?

Spread the freshness of the green we have.
Spread the love in our heart

Can we?

Life be like one Spruce Tree.

Stay refreshing and give beauty and even happiness for around even when we’re not in good condition and everything around us is a mess.

We must try to be like spruce tree.

Yes.. We must…

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Controlling Uncontrolled

We met in the past
Would you remembered how we met and started to talk
Can we controlled the past, stopped the time so we didn’t need to know each other
No… We can not
When you close your eyes and imagine it’s only dream it can hurt you more and more
again and again
we have to met and shared something, ya… some thing
This is our fate
Maybe we only met on our imagine
Ah.. no, only my imagine
We can’t controlled this
Yes, we can’t control who will come and leave us
but… practically we can controling uncontrolled things.
How? and What we can controlling?
The answer is…
Our mind and feeling
You can be died people if needed
You don’t want losing something important in your life
Just let it go
Let it go then Let God
Calm down.. everything is under controlled
yeah.. in God controlled
that’s it
Let God take the thing which can’t controlled
God always can controlling uncontrolled better than your effort.

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Share your story here…


Share your story here…..

Did you found that’s word when you’ll start to write here..

May I?

I wrote something in my mind… ya everything just run in my mind..
Honestly, I never have a great plan or idea to write something excellent here

My story?

I think here not 100% my story.
Sometimes I’m only imagine about this or that then I write.. yes.. that’s it

How about you?
Do you same with me or you are a good writer?
If you are then you should share with me..
Yea.. because we’re useless if we never help other and share what we have..


I have a lot of idea but can’t write it with a good vibe

I try, yes.. always try to be better than my past.. in write

I’m composing all the scattered puzzles so that they were neatly arranged and became a beautiful picture to be thought of as writing.

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Save The Best for The Last

My Dearest,

I want say this…
I’m afraid this will disturb you
then you are gone.

Please don’t ignore me.
I’m just trying to be honest about what I feel, before it’s too late.

I’m to much talking and writing.
I’m too excited when chating with you
but I want to be a good listener for you too.

Maybe you will say I’m crazy
and you think I’m not logic
but I don’t like to much drama.

Love is not logical thing.
Love doesn’t need a reason and explain why.

I like you and falling for you
yeah… before we met face to face


Maybe you think it’s not possible thing,
like or love someone who I never met before.
Separated by a long long distance.

Sorry, you’re totally wrong.

I always think and told about you to God
and I said your name
day by day on my pray.

I also pray that I will be prepared and propered to always be by your side.

We have been met.
Yes… in my pray and on my wishlist to God.
Day and night…
so we’re very close in prayer.

I want to be your bestfriend.
No, I want more than bestfriend.
I really want to be your future
and your home…

Like my wish, you’re become my future and my home.

I hope you feel the same
I don’t want force you.

Let’s enjoy the process

and if you don’t feel the same
not even interested at all,
or you decided to be with someone else..

that’s maybe hurt me… but it’s okay.
I can handle it
and I hope you can be my bestfriend.

I just want you to know about my feelings,
and try to be honest with my own feelings.

If you have the same feeling for me….
and start having deeper feelings for me.
Let me know because I’m waiting for that.

Praise The Lord. Thanks to God!

Let’s move step by step
cause you always exist on my pray to God.

Please, Save The Best for The Last.

It’s you, my dear….

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It’s to hard and impossible to handle
I can’t breath and feel the wind blowing
My heart stop for a while
My brain was overthought
What should I do?
Should I stay here forever, with the mess things
I hate this situation
Everything I do is feel bad and wrong
I’m feeling useless
This is eat my bones little by little
Only surrender
The last change in my life
I feel this is my last time in this place
I believe something good will happen when I’m surrender
Please be nice to me
Problem just come and go
If I can surrender with all my heart
I can endure it with a good way

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What will you do if everything around you become rude?
Day after day people messing your life
They just come when their need you
They are gone when you live on the bottom place, no money, no things you have
You only can say “What should I do?”
Be a survival
Yes, you have to be survive
Everyone will gone
Everything will disappeared
In the end you are standing alone
Maybe in the corner, in back stage, sit on the bottom place, or
Standing in front of and upside people who leave you alone when you are nothing
Just survive
Everything gonna be okay
And always gonna be okay

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Mind Trick

Photo by Brand New Images—Getty Images

Hello world,

When you get some reason to be happy that’s good
But if you can’t found any reason you can deceive yourself
Let’s call it mind trick
When you get some trouble and get stressed talk with yourself,

“it’s amazing”

“something better will come”

“my life is great”

“I’m always happy”

It can make you survived even you don’t have anyone
Even people just come only when they are need your help or your support
When you are stay on the bottom place, they always gone and disappeared

Hey My Dear…

This is reality, don’t dream too much even you have to be good dreamer *like me 😀
Please be kind with yourself, you can handle everything with a good vibe.
Why I said about good vibe? Yes, something inside you can make a good vibe.

Just smile

Maybe they disappeared but they never forget about you.

Think about the better things, keep positive, be genuine, sincere with other even they only want to use you for their own sake.

You must realize that you are a good person. You must respect them although they don’t do the same. Just always be a good person and always spread the love.

This is mind tricking, although the worst happen in to your life you have to do and say with yourself directly about the best things.

Maybe some people said it’s not good because we are deceiving ourselves, but it’s better when we can thinking only the best things in our life.

Everything is going to be alright when we can mind tricking our self with the good and positive.

But, very possible everything going to be worst if don’t do mind tricking like what I said.

Everything depends on situation and opinion.

“Everything happen not forever. We can count the time when something bad or good happen in our life. So, be happy and be positive. Look in to the mirror and smile to yourself.”

With Love,

Special for You

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