Stop to ask WHEN?

Today, I read a conversation from my social media. It’s about human who always ask to God when and when about the end of big problem they have. It’s common. When we are in bad situation and need to solve our problem, we are in desperate condition. We always asking to God when it will […]


It’s to hard and impossible to handle I can’t breath and feel the wind blowing My heart stop for a while My brain was overthought What should I do? Should I stay here forever, with the mess things I hate this situation Everything I do is feel bad and wrong I’m feeling useless This is […]


What will you do if everything around you become rude? Day after day people messing your life They just come when their need you They are gone when you live on the bottom place, no money, no things you have You only can say “What should I do?” Be a survival Yes, you have to […]

Mind Trick

Hello world, When you get some reason to be happy that’s good But if you can’t found any reason you can deceive yourself Let’s call it mind trick When you get some trouble and get stressed talk with yourself, “it’s amazing” “something better will come” “my life is great” “I’m always happy” It can make […]


Hello dear… Rasanya sudah begitu lama tidak menari diatas huruf-huruf yang berbaris rapi ini.. Hehe… sah-sah saja rasanya kalau saya agak sedikit.. ehemm… mendramatisasi kembalinya saya ke dunia orat oret yang entah apa tujuannya. Boleh kan ya saya curhat sebelum melanjutkan dengan tulisan-tulisan berikutnya di posting yang coming soon… (ok bahasa semakin kacau.. :P) Jadi […]